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Kipas Guys is a Battle Royale-style multiplayer action game in which we must compete and win through a variety of humorous obstacle courses, all supported by fantastic and simple 3D visuals, in order to advance to the next round.

Once Kipas Guys APK is installed, you will notice, if you haven’t already, that it is a modified version of Stumble Guys APK, with certain additional features that aren’t present in the original version and will help us win.

Kipas Guys Features

In Kipas Guys we will find the same features as in Stumble Guys, that is:

  • Multiplayer in the purest Battle Royale style.
  • Colorful and crazy design.
  • Lots of different levels.
  • Comically physical.
  • Endless customization options.
  • Lots of hilarious drops.

News Kipas Guys v0.44.2

Remember that with this Kipas Guys, you will also have all the news of the current version available, version 0.44.2, whose news are as follows:

Version 0.44.2 

  • Introduces a new feature: Friend Lists. Add your buddies.
  • New Stumble Pass for January.
  • NEW Stumblers, Expressions, Animations, and Steps for 2023.

Version: 0.44.1.

  • All-new Hot Wheels map with Hot Wheels car racing!
  • New Custom Parties! Customize your party with buddies to play anyway you wish.
  • New Holiday Stumblers!

How to Install Kipas Guys APK?

After downloading Kipas Guys APK, you must follow the steps below for proper installation:

  1. If we haven’t already installed it, click on the downloaded APK or package and grant permission to install unknown programs. Depending on the version of Android installed on our device:
  • Android 5–7: In Phone Settings > Security, activate the “Install from Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Android 8 and higher: Go to Device Settings > Applications. Search for where we will install the downloaded APK, any device administrator, and under advanced settings, click on Install applications from unknown sources and enable the option. NOTE: After clicking on the APK to install, we may go to settings and activate this option.
  1. Follow the installation steps indicated by the app.
  2. Ready, we already have the game installed!!!.

How to update Kipas Guys APK?

If you already have Kipas Guys APK loaded and want to install the most recent version of 2022, it is even easier because you will not need to enable installation from unknown sources on your Android device again.

To update, simply download the APK that we have provided below and click on it. When it asks if you want to install an update, click on install, and you will have the most recent version on your Android smartphone.

Download Kipas Guys APK

You may now download Kipas Guys APK in its most recent version 0.44.2, the game that will drive you insane. Always win, no matter what, is the goal of this fast-paced action game for Android.

To download Kipas Guys APK, we have provided direct download links for each version of MOD. Remember how we described each version of MOD above.


Is it safe to download the Kipas Guys?

While downloading APK files usually comes with dangers owing to potential security issues and a lack of official support, downloading Kipas Guys is generally deemed safe. It is critical, however, that you download from a reliable source to reduce the chance of malware or other malicious software. To protect your device’s safety and security, utilize a trustworthy website or source while downloading APKs.

Is my Android compatible?

Kipas Guys requires an Android 5.1 minimum operating system for optimal performance and compatibility. This baseline guarantees that the game functions flawlessly on your device, offering a fun gaming experience free from technical hiccups or problems relating to older, unsupported operating systems.

A cool mod to improve the experience

Kipas Guys provides a comprehensive and upgraded gaming experience for Stumble Guy fans. The game stands out as a fun and engaging mod due to its extensive feature set, which includes comprehensive customization options, a rich mod menu, easy installation, and unlimited resources. 


This game’s main advantages are its high degree of customization and accessibility; it offers maps and avatars with unique appearances that can be customized; it offers players a wide range of challenges and the flexibility to play any level they want in any order; however, in order to avoid being eliminated, players must play strategically. Its cartoon-like graphics and vibrant colors make it a fun and entertaining game for families; additionally, its surprising mod variation and high level of customization options supply an exciting package of entertainment and exhilarating gameplay.

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