Anyone looking for an enhanced gaming experience, Kipas Guys is the best to start with. User can enjoy interacting with players across the globe and an add-on of a fun filled adventurous game. One can get smooth and easy user interface.

What Is Kipas Guys?

  • Kipas Guys has come up with an extremely amazing modification of the well known game Stumble guys. It has stunned everyone with its extraordinary gaming features.
  • This mod is developed by Kitka Games as a multiplayer android mod for Stumble guys.
  • Its having a well organized and detailed mod menu, with unlimited modification options from changing clothes, appearance of character, desirable colors and variations in clothing and accessories


The best part with this game is that it provides maximum customization freedom. One can easily customize the appearance with variety of accessories and clothing options. Easily style your character as desired and reflect your personality.

With Special effects, player’s avatar stands out special and different from others.

It allows you to use powerful emojis for kicks and punches.

The Graphics and emojis are so attractive and an unusual music which adds fun to the game.

Users get unlimited access of in-game currency, to buy footprints, outfits, emojis. Also to unlock the battle royale pass to enjoy premium features & tournaments.

The speed & flight menus offer fast running, high jumps to cover distances and overcome obstacles.

Players can have access to multiple modifying options like customized map selection, extending game timings with Room time Mod and also creating private rooms.

By creating a multiplayer room with friends and play using a secret code within them.

The players would find amusement in both theirs and opponents fall sequence, it adds a comic sense to the visual which is enjoyable aspect of the game.

Each session comes with a new adventure where everything is unpredictable. One has to play strategically to be a part of the game or a minor mistake led’ to elimination.

With these all enhancing features empowers players with more control on their gaming environment.


  • Kipas guys is user friendly and easy to install with one single click. Nowadays, users are looking for n easily accessible and uncomplicated gaming versions.
  • It is generally safe to download Kipas guys, whereas we need to make it’s from trusted website source.
  • Kipas guys is runs on Android 5.1 compatible operating system.

Download Kipas Guys



  • The major advantage of this game is that it gives advanced customization and ease of accessibility.
  • Customizable maps, avatar with distinctive looks and appearances
  •  Broad and unique challenges with offering a freedom to tackle any desired level and in any sequence.
  • However, players can face elimination if not played strategically.
  • The most colorful and figures reminiscent of cartoon graphics for family-friendly fun and experience.
  • Its advanced customization options and surprising mod variation gives a complete package of entertainment and thrilling game play with most enhanced and cool features.